Monday Cli[X] Phase #1


In our 15th mission, we have chosen Creative Industry as our Grand Theme. To start our first Mcli[X], we would like to introduce the term “Creative Industry” to our fellow Rocketeers.

Welcome back, rocketeers! It’s MCli[X] time!

Creative Industry is an industry that originates from the use of individual skills, creativity, and talent in creating prosperity and employment. This was explained by the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, back in the year of 2009.

According to Board of Creative Economy (Bekraf), the creative industry consists of 16 subsectors, which are apps and game development; architecture; interior design; visual communication design; product design; fashion; movies, animation, and video; photography; crafts; culinary arts; music; publishing; advertising; performing arts; fine art; television and radio.

In Indonesia, this activity started to appear in early 2006. In the same year, The Minister of Trade, Dr. Mari Elka Pangestu, launched a program called “Indonesia Design Power” that was made to support the growth of the creative industry within the country. This program was aimed to increase the competitiveness of Indonesian products in the domestic and international markets.

Over time, the creative industry becomes an important contributor to our nation’s GDP. The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama Kusubandio, stated that the creative industry in the year 2019 contributes as much as 1.105 trillion Rupiah to the nation’s economy. We can conclude that the creative industry is a potential sector to boost up the economy of Indonesia.

The 15th Management e[X]posed

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