Monday Cli[X] Phase #3


The role of technology in the creative industry’s eyes might just be one of the significant roles that help the industry to thrive.

Take an example from the use of artificial intelligence (AI). It can create a chain where everything is digitally connected, and humans are empowered to generate smarter decisions based on insights from their systems. With the growth of technologies that are present, they can reshape the way humans live and work and create an impact on the creative economy.

Starting with the presence of artificial intelligence that is expected to help creators to match more content in effectively with the audiences. The algorithm of AI allows businesses to create a personalized experience for their customer, it’s an essential step since companies need to create an experience where customer loyalty will increase. Several startups in Indonesia, such as Gojek, Shopee, Tokopedia, etc. have been able to provide recommended goods and services available for their customers based on their customer’s preferences.

Both AI and VR also initiate the transformation of creative experiences with remarkable technologies in a dynamic environment by promoting new and meaningful feelings, skills, and understanding. Not only that, but AI is also capable of reimagining business models and processes. However, AI lacks a conscious will and is unable to divine its output. They only rely on the data that it receives and the algorithm needed.

If the creative economy is needed to benefit the society, then the policies of both public and private sectors must align with consumer interest. Achieving this goal only through collaboration, businesses need to combine both technical experience and human experience to create a new level of experience and therefore help the businesses to flourish.

The 15th Management e[X]posed

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