Monday Cli[X] Phase #4


What’s up Rocketeers? Back at it again with Monday Cli[X]!

A newly established fintech, Likuid, stated their readiness in funding businesses engaged in Creative Industry.

According to Mr Kenneth Tali, CEO of Likuid, the reason behind this decision is because the sources of funding in the creative industry sector are considered below. Data gathered by Bekraf in 2017 shows that around 92,37 percent of creative industry players in Indonesia use their private capital and have not yet received access to capital from parties other than banks.

Therefore, he came up with the crowdfunding project financing scheme, that allows potential investors to invest their capital in businesses that are promoted by Liquid. This platform will open access to capital for businesses in the creative industry as well as affordable investment access for the community. To provide a feasible productive impact for this industry, Likuid is targeting to channel funding of 40 billion Rupiah in 2020.

There are six business sectors targeted by Likuid, namely culinary, entertainment (films, series and concerts), e-sports, beauty, health, and startup. Kenneth explained that products of the creative industry and lifestyle are closely related to the community. As time goes by, product innovation and business industry players keep on increasing. Hence, Likuid believes that to strengthen this industry, broad community participation is needed, not only as consumers but also as investors.

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