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Like all things in fashion, cloth masks sold to the public have begun to slowly develop into an accessory – ranging from batik-patterned ones for a hint of culture, to prints reminiscent of designer labels to match your purse.

While there is an abundance of vendors you can purchase your mask of the day from, the movement Masker Untuk Indonesia (Mask for Indonesia), allows you to get a striking mask of your own while helping others at the same time. Initiated by members of the Indonesian creative industry, Masker Untuk Indonesia produces non-medical, reusable cloth masks using printed scuba fabric.

Several major names in the Indonesian creative industry have collaborated with the movement, such as artists Darbotz and Stereoflow, as well as fashion brands Monstore and Imaji Studio. Currently, some 25 artists, including renowned singer Raisa, and nearly 20 brands have joined. Through the collaboration, the artists wish the movement could help more people in need in a time of crisis.

They also expressed hope that, through the movement, he could contribute to getting the public to realize the importance of wearing cloth masks for healthy people. They said that they’ve managed to contribute, no matter how little, to making cloth masks ‘cool’ and worthy of being an important piece of our daily lives, especially in this pandemic. According to the Masker Untuk Indonesia’s website, nearly 161,554 masks have been sold as of July 2, and 486,752 masks have been donated.

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