Monday Cli[X] Phase #8


What’s up, Rocketeers? Back at it again with Monday Cli[X].

This ongoing pandemic has caused a decline in Indonesia’s tourism sector and creative economy. As travel restrictions are still imposed, these sectors will be facing a halt for an uncertain period of time.

However, as of recently, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy suggested that increasing exports and digitizing the marketing of local creative products would play an important role in bolstering the recovery of Indonesia’s tourism sector. Digitization and exporting provides local businesses the opportunity to penetrate international markets, create new networks and gain more recognition. Ultimately, allowing the tourism sector to gradually recoup after the decline due to the pandemic.

With that, local creative products can compete in the international market. According to the Ministry of Trade, local jewelries and precious stones are experiencing an increase in exports with the aid of digitization of trade promotions. With many people being drawn to the unique Indonesian designs.

Programs on exporting and digitizing local creative products have now been included in Bangga Buatan Indonesia, a movement which supports the use of local products. The program aims to revive Indonesia’s tourism and creative economy sector. It also aims to inform the public that Indonesia is able to produce quality products for international markets.

The Ministry of Communication and Informatics have also expressed their support in assisting the recovery of the tourism sector and creative economy through digital transformation.

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