Monday Cli[X] Phase #9


Woosh! How time flies by and now we’re back with our weekly Monday Cli[X]!

As you may know, Indonesia is one of the biggest freshwater fish producers in the world. But, did you know that most of our fish farmers still use traditional cultivation methods? These methods are highly flawed and several companies have taken notice.

One of the smart ones is eFishery. Gibran Huzaifah, the CEO and founder, said that manual feeding could waste a ton of fish feed. Considering that fish feeds account for 70-90% of the total cost to run a fish farm, this is a massive loss of profit! So, he created a simple system called eFisheryFeeder to solve this unsettling problem.

With only wifi and a phone, farmers can easily set up a feeding schedule and allow the machine to dispense the appropriate amount of feed using data from its sensors. Very simple and effective.

Farmers have claimed that this tech is simply brilliant. The optimized feeding system helps accelerate the growth of the fishes, which cuts down the harvest time by four to six months. This means even more profit!

This company did not stop there. Alongside feeder, they have a marketplace called eFisheryFeed for farmers to purchase fish feed for a cheaper price. And to help with the payment issues, a financial service provider called eFisheryFund will help them pay for it.

This company keeps on going. eFishery also have a B2B platform called eFisheryFresh. It allows farmers to sell fresh fish directly to restaurants, hotels, and other culinary businesses. Imagine how much more profit these farmers can make with all these systems in place. All done by this one game changing company.

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