Meet your next BFF, A mild cleanser, natural detoxifier and gentle exfoliator—RRA Pudding Clay Mask! These cute babies are suitable for ALL skin types (even sensitive skin).

Packed with magical Kaolin Clay as the main ingredient, it is rich with antioxidants, fruit extracts, and other active ingredients. They will effectively cleanse your skin without stripping off it’s natural moisture while promoting a more even, clear and brighter skin! Did we hear YAS~?? 

RRA Pudding Clay Mask is registered with BPOM and cruelty free, crafted and formulated with only love.
And ooops! Their cute little Water Drop Sponges have been a famous hit, even before the official launch! Bouncy, smooth, and super effective to clean your skin with our favorite pudding clay mask. Go get your perfect Skin’s bestie only on @rra__official ~

Psst, it saves A LOT of water too. 💦