Holi Ice Cream

Out of the ice cream box! Holi Ice Cream stands out with their unique yet very delicious ice cream flavours. Their ice cream is not super sweet so they are likeable by all age range.

No one can deny Holi Ice Cream’s uniqueness. You can find any flavour here, from Soda Badak, Cheese Tea Brulee, Energen, Indomilk Banana, to Biscoffee. Their premium flavours, Red Wine and Guiness Seaclaid will make you feel fancy. You’ll also never forget the unthinkable ones such as Indomie Goreng and Mentai Ice Cream!

“How would they taste like?” Choose you ice cream and find out the answer by ordering at @holi.icecream .Stay tune at their account and expect more interesting flavours to come!