As fresh as a tomato!
Making their debut in the local tees industry, LOUTOM comes with playful design, introducing their signature character, Tomato, hinting youth-related stories behind their tees. LOUTOM has just launched its’ first season, “Identity” or /ˌīˈden(t)ədē/ : Who a Person Is, or Information that Proves Who a Person Is.

This season includes 2 volumes. Volume 1: Over The Edge tells the story of how Tomato has many thoughts that not all can be expressed, causing increasing tension in him. While Volume 2: Madness tells the story of how Tomato has an unpeaceful mind, which causes him stress and unable to carry out his social life.

Go and order directly at @loutomco : Identity Life in the Form of Clothing! Hint: Don’t be surprise when Tomato comes to your house in a cute cereal box!

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