Obay Haqi

Project Officer of The 14th M[X]

Hi, Rocketeers!

I’m Obay Haqi Rifan Arief, I was The Project Officer of The 14th Management e[X]posed.

Becoming a part of Management e[X]posed was a new journey in my life. It was the place that taught me about great responsibility and a lot of new things. Management e[X]posed isn’t just an event for me, it’s bigger than that; it’s my new home, new family, new challenges, and new steps for me. I was very lucky to be in that position, there is never any regret, only gratitude. This is a place to build new skills. The place that makes you realize your potential.

With high hopes, I want you to be the next rocketeers who will launch the mission button of The Management e[X]posed’s journey. Let’s be a part of us. MX. #ToTheMax!