Raihana Abida

Team Leader of Logistics The 12th M[X]

Hello, Aspiring Rocketeers!

My name is Raihana Abida, and I was the Team Leader of Logistics of the 12th Management e[X]posed FEB UI.

Being a part of the Management e[X]posed family was truly a blessing for me. Not only was I able to work with awesome people who treat each other like a family, but I was also able to improve my leadership and negotiation skill. As a team leader, I was responsible to manage the division towards success and also responsible to meet and negotiate with stakeholders to obtain various in-kind sponsorships. During my time as a team leader of Logistics, our division was able to fill in the M[X] goodie bags with a lot of foods, beverages, and souvenirs from various companies. It was such an accomplishment for us.

Therefore, the experience at M[X] FEB UI has developed me into a better person and I really recommend you to join M[X] FEB UI to experience the amazing journey like me!