Monday Cli[X] Phase #7


What’s up Rocketeers? Back at it again with Monday Cli[X]!

Interesting isn’t it? One simple tool could actually change your life.

The emergence of small businesses in the Creative Industry has been on the rise in recent years. Many of these small businesses rely on their product packaging to attract customers and establish their image. PT Brother International Sales Indonesia saw this opportunity to create an innovation to cater to the creative needs of these businesses.

With that, the P-Touch Cube, a Bluetooth label printer, was launched. It allows users to create customized labels by simply downloading the “Design & Print” app available at the App Store or Google Play. With this editing app, users may create, customize, and print personalized labels for their various needs.

This product comes in 2 models: PT300BT which is priced for Rp 990.000 and PT-P710BT which is priced for Rp 1.900.000. The tape also comes with a variety of materials, the first one is made out of paper whereas the other one is made out of ribbon cloth. Aside from that, the size also varies from a minimum of 6mm all the way to 24mm.

Looking from the business perspective, this product could drastically reduce the cost of production. In fact, there are many testimonies about how the product has helped businesses. Plenty of them mentioned that it has been able to reduce their cost of operations by a staggering amount of 50%. Nevertheless, the business owners also stated that the printer is not used only for business matters, but it could also be used for personal organizing purposes.

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