Mommadre Jakarta

Craving for sweets? Or craving for savories? Need some tasty food and beverages for an event? Mommadre Jakarta offers variety of food and beverages choices that surely will make you drool.

Their menus goes from international desserts and snacks such as butterscotch coffee jelly, mango pudding, apple crumble, and lava cake to local snacks such as bergedel kornet and bacang telur asin. They also provides ready-to-eat foods such as baked cheese sphagetti, lasagna, burger, mi ayam, and bakso. Don’t forget the beverages! Mommadres Jakarta sells earl grey milk tea, es kelapa, and es kopi geprek.

Mommadre Jakarta menus are all homemade and based on family recipe. There are still many other choices of food and beverages that they offer. With @mommadrejakarta , you’ll always crave for more.