Oh My Fong

OH MY FONG biang biang noodles are freshly made and hand-pulled daily, prepared using high quality ingredients and inspired by recipes from the Shaanxi and Szechuan region in China. It is spicy, tangy, and peppery all at once. Did we mention the noodles are one big long strand reaching almost 2 metres long? It is truly a gift that keeps on giving✨

Mix them with the mouth-watering sauce and condiments for a fiery bowl of goodness! OH MY FONG serves a well-rounded sensory experience that they wish to bring to the table.

Their fresh noodles are best consumed within four days in the fridge and two weeks in a freezer which makes it a great companion for you to eat at home. Also dont worry, they ships to cities in Indonesia! Go experience the taste of the tempting and fiery biang biang noodles from @ohmy.fong 😋♥️