Dye Daddies

Stylish yet comfortable and enviroment-friendly! What can be a more perfect combination than dyedaddies?

Dye Daddies is a leisure wear brand that sells tie- dye basics in form of homey clothes like sweatpants, tanks, hoodies, crewnecks, zip hoodies and skirts. These pieces refer to dream-like lifestyles that are amplified by their cloud-like tie dye patterns.Tie dye patterns are all unique and different but Dyedaddies specializes in their own technique that creates intricate tie-dye that differ from other tie-dye brands. Dyedaddies emphasize their colors through our color patterns which resembles a softer texture, almost like clouds.

As a brand, dyedaddies believe in sustainable fashion. All products are made of natural fabric such as cotton fleece and ribbed cotton to reduce the amount of micro-plastics in clothing, which can be harmful for health and the environment. Dyedaddies also make sure to tailor their clothes with a local tailor to support them during the pandemic.

Stay in trend, rock your style, feel comfortable, protect the environment, and support local workers with @dyedaddies !